July 6, 2012

Totally not dressed for the weather

by rayvnhynes


Hair:  Analog Dog

Jacket:  Leverocci (July Fameshed)

Top:  Whippet & Buck (Truth District Sale)

Corset:  Sn@tch

Jeans:  Mon Tissue

Necklace1:  LaGyo

Necklace2:  Ingenue

Earrings:  Aura

Rings:  MG (Maxi Gossamer)

Boots:  Maitreya

May 29, 2012

Playing Dressup

by rayvnhynes

Skin: League – Jen

Hair: Wasabi Pills – Annette2 (MESH)

Eyes: Mayfly (MESH)

Necklace: Miel – Uva

Earrings: League – Wanderer

Bracelets: League – Wanderer

Dress: Celoe – June Dress

Heels: G Field – Alex

Poses: Glitterati

Furniture: MudHoney

May 17, 2012

And now, something new

by Jacq

So. Quite a lot going on around here. There are so many events that my head actually spins just thinking about it. It’s a bit overwhelming, really.

For example, this top. Cute, right? I literally laughed out loud when I saw it. It’s part of a set, which is just one of many things you can grab at [A] Limited through the end of the month. It comes in both long and short versions, so if you prefer to cover that midriff, you can. Me, I think the belly on this skin is too pretty to cover up. The shoes are actually from a previous week of Fi*Friday at Vershe, but you can still find them in the store. They’re also the only mesh thing I am wearing today. Weird, huh? These are in  a striped pack, but I was happy to find other textures available, too.  Hey, my love for zebra print is perfectly valid, you hush your mouth!

The paper roses here are also an event item. They can currently be found upstairs at The Gallery Gift Shop. I absolutely love this particular event, as it combines my affection for fashion with my art obsession. And this gorgeous Mudhoney cushion I am lounging on is available at this month’s Motif*.

It’s not part of an event, but how awesome is that shipwreck miniature? I’ve used it every time I’ve redecorated since I bought it. It’s fun and it’s different, both things I enjoy in my home.  Continue reading

April 29, 2012

Doesn’t play well with others

by Jacq

Flowers are a good way to apologize, right? I really had planned to do so much more with the ridiculous number of poses I bought at Pose Fair, but as the primary (and often only) person in charge of taking care of my grandmother post surgery, I simply do not have the energy or patience at the end of the day. I am sorry, though.

Pose Fair is closing tomorrow, so if you saw something you wanted, RUN. Exclusives may not be available after, and then won’t you be sad that you missed them? I’m sure that five seconds after the sims go down, I’ll remember something I missed. It’s just the way of things. These are two of my favorite props that I picked up. Both contain poses from Glitterati, which is obviously my go-to pose store.

This one is special. It’s a collaboration with Isla Gealach of Cheeky Pea, and it’s just plain fun! I am only showing the sword and shield here, this also includes four capes and a crown, and the sword and shield can be used with and without poses. Where is my pillow fort when I need it?

Hopefully in my next post, I’ll have news for you. Until then, here are the landmarks and slurls for Pose Fair, and here are the credits!

1. Glitterati Bouquet [Katey Coppola]
2. Glitterati & Cheeky Pea – Lightning Bolt [Katey Coppola and Isla Gealach]

Everything else:
Hair – Elikatira Shine [Elikapeka Tiramisu]
Skin – Aura Briar [Tyr Rozenblum]
Eyes – Izzie’s Natural Mesh [Izzie Button]
Hoodie – Dirty Lynx Flufee Hoodie [Loki Dancer]
Tank – Kyoot Self- Evident Tank [Saeya Nyanda]
Jeans –  Razorblade Jacket Ripped to Hell Jeans
Cuffs – INDI Designs – 842 Jeans dark blue
Sneakers – HOC Industries Lowtops [[Guu Nishi]
Boat –  Tuff Old Boats Old Green Sailboat [Rya Nitely]

April 21, 2012


by rayvnhynes

Hi, it’s me, Rayvn, pretending to be a fashion blogger. Here’s some pics of me wearing clothes.

Hair – Wasabi Pills – Kamiko Mesh Hair
Skin – League – Jen Sunkiss Natural Skin
Dress – Celoe – April Dress, envy
Necklace – League – Zahavi Necklace
Bracelet – Mariposa Jewels – Aubade Obsidian Bangles
Ring – Paper Couture – Diamonds and Pearl Ring
Bag – Mon Tissu – Straw Tote Bag (past group gift)
Earrings – Mandala – Leather Feather Earrings
Anklet – Earthstones – Hippie Anklet, color trip
Shoes – Maitreya Gold – Flip Flops Fawn
Poses – Pose 1: Everglow (Model 276), Pose 2: KS2 Cool (Pose 40), Pose 3: Miyoko Magic (Red Carpet 3)
April 15, 2012

Countdown to Pose Fair – Part Two

by Jacq

I actually meant to post this yesterday, but I had a massive photo mishap, and so that did not happen. So today, I am going to say a couple of quick things, and then credit and go hang out in Atreia for a while. First thing…

POSE FAIR IS OPEN! That’s right, kids, if you missed the preview, you can get in now to buy all the new and shiny! Well, actually, you probably can’t. It’s opening day, I hear it’s really crowded and a little laggy. You can try, though! And to make it a bit easier, Katey has provided a list of slurls to every single booth! So go, lag, and buy all the poses!

 Poses – Miamai [Mavi Beck] (available at Pose Fair)
Dress – Evie’s Closet [Evangeline Miles]
Feet – SLink [Siddean Munro]

Poses – Olive Juice [IsabellaGrace Baroque] (available at Pose Fair)
Dress – Le Bloom [Heather Connolly]
Shoes – Pixel Mode [Tya Fallingbridge] (old scribo gift)

Poses – Exposeur [RubyStarlight Writer] (available at Pose Fair)
Lingerie – Fishy Strawberry [Fae Eriksen]
Feet – SLink [Siddean Munro]

Items used in all images :
Hair – Lamb [Lamb Bellic]
Skin – Adam n Eve [Sachi Vixen]
Eyes – Nomine [Munchflower Zaius]
Bangles – Je Suis [Julia Merosi]

April 13, 2012

Countdown to Pose Fair – Part One

by Jacq

Two more days, y’all! Two more days until Pose Fair opens. I am SO excited. I headed over today for the early preview and it looks fantastic. And the poses? There are so many amazing poses. We won’t talk about how many I have already purchased. Or how many I am going back for. I am going to try to do small previews for the next few days and then more as I get ALL THE POSES organized. Naturally, everything will be credited, but for the next few days, all chatter is pose related. Okay? Okay.

When I rezzed this, Cyclic immediately shrieked, “HORSE!” at me. Not even kidding. It is totally shriek worthy, though, isn’t it? This prop from Captivity Poses comes with five poses and is texture change. There are tons of options for its body, and the mane and tail change separately. There is even a dalmatian option! This store is new to me, but I will certainly be keeping an eye on them from now on.

And this… this is a kid pose. No, really! This is from a set of balloon poses offered by The Kid Company. The entire set is adorable, but this looks like I’m trying to sneak the balloons into my sister’s house, and I love it. Grownups, don’t be afraid to try kid poses, they are FUN!

Okay, I’ll shut up now, but I’m coming back tomorrow! Annnnd I’ll update with slurls after Pose Fair opens.

Picture One:
Horse/Pose – Captivity Poses [Shannoncharlize GossipGirl] (available at Pose Fair!)
Sweater – Apple May [Apple May]
Jeans – Luck Inc. [CK Winx]
Boots – J’s [JB Gazov]

Picture Two:
Pose/Balloons – The Kid Company [Topanga Lexington] (available at Pose Fair!)
Top – Kyoot [Saeya Nyanda]
Skirt – Aura [Tyr Rozenblum]
Necklace – Epoque [Vintage McMillan] (old Designers United item, no longer available)

Hair – Exile [Kavar Cleanslate]
Skin – Glam Affair Aida Ewing]
Eyes – Izzie’s [Izzie Button]
Makeup – Chelle [Chelle Carousel] (for Collabor88)

April 9, 2012

Chairs and Fairs

by Jacq

Let’s be honest. When I heard there was an event whose entire purpose was creating a single chair… Well. I admit, I was more than a little snarky. A single chair, really? Buuuut then they got two of my fave people to collaborate. So I went, because I needed THIS chair in my SLife. This one is designed by Cheeky Pea, with poses by the now closed Olive Juice. Sad that you missed the closing? No worries! Her last official event will actually be the upcoming Pose Fair, which is opening April 15th. Now that is an event I’m excited about!

Moving on. Did you notice the pink? I usually hate pink, but I’m finding myself wearing it more and more recently. Maybe it’s the pollen getting to me. Whatever the reason, this pink top grabbed my attention. This, as well as some of the other things I’m wearing, can be found at this month’s Collabor88, which opened yesterday. We won’t talk about how much I spent there, it’s embarrassing.

Last thing, and then I’ll stop talking (maybe). I lovelovelove these new eyelids from SLink. I’ve rarely had trouble getting my eyes to close in SL, but it never looked this good. These are FABULOUS.

Okay, shutting up now.

Hair – Epoque [Vintage McMillan]
Skin – Illusory [Crushed Clarity] (for April’s Collabor88)
Eyes – Izzie’s [Izzie Button]
Eyelids – SLink [Siddean Munro]
Sweater – Kyoot [Saeya Nyanda] (for April’s Collabor88)
Capris – Kyoot [Saeya Nyanda] (for April’s Collabor88)
Ring – Whippet & Buck [Dakota Buck] (for April’s Collabor88)
Bracelets – The Sea Hole [Drinkinstein Sorbet] (for April’s Collabor88)
Heels – YourSkin & YourShape [Monyka Benelli]
Chair w/poses –  Cheeky Pea and Olive Juice [Isla Gealach and IsabellaGrace Baroque] (for Atelier Kreslo)

April 2, 2012

Motif* is here!

by Jacq

I am so crazy excited that Motif* is finally open! And not just because that means we’re done decorating it, haha! We have some really talented creators working with OTHER talented creators and bringing you some super fabulous stuff. I’m not showing all of it here, because… well, there’s too much awesome. It might blow up WordPress, and I can’t be responsible for that.

What I do have here is offerings from a.e.meth, Jack Spoon, Savoir Faire Shapes, Schadenfreude, Mudhoney, and Funky Junk. This tee shirt? It’s a collaboration. And the table and chairs were made to go with this house. How great is that? So if you like collaborations and stuff as much as I do, you should come check it out. The ice cream compels you!

Sorry, I couldn’t help myself. Happy shopping!

Umbrella – Schadenfreude [Allegory Malaprop] (part of a set for Motif*)
Hair – Wasabi Pills [MissAllSunday Lemon]
Skin – Mynerva [Rhapzody Wilde]
Shape –  Savoir Faire Shapes [Hybie Mynx] (for Motif*)
Lipstick – a.e.meth [Aemeth Lysette] (for Motif*)
Tee – Jack Spoon and a.e.meth [Steffy Ghost and Aemeth Lysette] (for Motif*)
Skirt – Jack Spoon [Steffy Ghost] (for Motif*)
Pose – Glitterati [Katey Coppola]

House – Funky Junk (for Motif*)
Patio set – Mudhoney (for Motif*)
barely visible painting inside –  Mudhoney (for Motif*)

March 30, 2012

My bubbles!

by Jacq

I could make a show of false modesty, but let’s be honest: My butt looks awesome in these Aura pants. I wasn’t sure I would like them, because they are considerably lower cut than I would normally wear. I demoed them anyway. And look! So good. In some poses, the alpha is going to go a bit odd, but that has more to do with the actual avatar mesh being super weird than an actual problem with the alpha. It’s fine. The avatar…. well. We do what we can with what we have. Most of what we have is fabulous.

Like this sweater. I didn’t actually go to Baiastice for this, but when I got there, I completely forgot what I went in for. Mesh in bold colors, how I love you. So many designers are sticking to neutrals and bland shades for mesh clothing. I want jewel tones and bright, springy colors, and I found them there. It was like they were waiting for me.

In other things making me happy, we have this necklace and this prop. The necklace is newness from Clutter, and I am so thrilled to see Kat doing jewelry again. Don’t get me wrong, I like her furniture, but the woman has a way with sparkles. The prop…. well, it’s bubbles. Do you really need more explanation than that? This sweet piece is from Exposeur. Now is a really good time to go down there, because she has a sale on. I know how you love sales. It’s actually white, but the windlight settings I used turned it different colors. There are also different bokeh backgrounds that you can buy separately. Pretty neat, huh? Now go find something that makes you happy.

Hair – Lamb [Lamb Bellic]
Skin – Tres Blah [Julliette Westerburg]
Eyes – Izzie’s [Izzie Button]
Makeup – Boom [Aranel Ah]
Necklace – Clutter [Kat Alderson]
Sweater – Baiastice [Sissy Pessoa]
Ink – Aitui [Jesseaitui Petion]
Pants – Aura [Tyr Rozenblum]
Sneakers – HOC Industries [Guu Nishi]
Poses/Prop – Exposeur [RubyStarlight Writer] (Don’t forget to check out the sale!)